17 Jun 11 - Slipstreamz announces availability of the SLIP for online purchase worldwide
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11 Jun 07 - Slipstreamz Announces Sponsorship of the Inferno Racing Cycling Team
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30 Apr 07 - Slipstreamz Announces the Release of The Spoiler
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14 Nov 06 - Slipstreamz Cycling Earwear, The Slip, Featured On HGTV
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16 Jul 06 - Slipstreamz Slips In As ispo Finalist
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12 Jul 06 - Airstreamz Changes Name to Slipstreamz and Introduces The Slip
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The Spoiler - About, Instructions and Purchasing
Slipstreamz Spoilers are unique in using the front strap of your helmet to smooth the airflow over the side of your head and ears for improved cycling performance, enjoyment and safety.
To experience the effect of using The Spoiler, simply place an index finger against your temple just in front of your ear on your next ride.
However, installing them requires that you either introduce a fold-over in your front straps each and every time the helmet is fitted to your head, or that you re-assemble your helmet straps.
The ultimate solution is arranging for helmet manufacturers to assemble their helmets with the necessary twists built in for Spoiler compatability, and we are currently working on this. In the meanwhile, the instructions for the two methods of installing the Spoiler onto your existing helmet are provided below:
The Fold-over Method is the quickest way to enjoy your Spoilers, however to use it it is necessary that your helmet straps be arranged within their adjustment clasps as shown in the photo to the right (front strap A is underneath back strap B).
The Reassembly Method of fitting the Spoilers is the best long-term solution to using the Spoiler, and is necessary if your straps are arranged as in the photo to the right (front strap A is on top of back strap B).


Purchasing the Spoiler
Online purchases of the Spoiler can be delivered anywhere in the world via airmail, we post orders from the US, UK and South Africa. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Contact support@slipstreamz.com with any delivery issues. Ensure that your helmet's design, re: its strap attachment and arrangement is similar to that of the helmet in the above instruction pdf's before ordering your Spoilers, as the product is not compatible with Specialized Decible and similar type helmets. Please also note that the MAXIMUM order quantity per order is 20 pair.
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Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the performance of your Spoilers you can return them for a full refund (less postage and handling fees) after emailing support@slipstreamz.com a photograph of you wearing your helmet, and we can see that they are correctly fitted and positioned.

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